Patient Testimonials

The Johnson Story

“She suffered a lot from asthma…A lot of different attacks. There were several times where she had to be resuscitated… There were a lot of times I thought we were gonna lose her before we actually did….”

The Eisen Story

“When Julia is having asthma exacerbations it affects her days, her sleep at night. In fact, I always sleep next to her when she is having difficulty breathing so I can be right there to give her her medication… Asthma is the number one reason she misses school.”

The Buckley Story

“What we want people to understand, is that at the time of Ben’s passing, he was on a preventative med. He was going to the doctor routinely. We had actually just been to the asthma doctor… We were seeing somebody, had an action plan, and everybody knew what they had to do. Even with all of that, it still came to this. Benjamin still lost his life, and we never knew this was something that could happen.”

The Lowe Story

“Our collaborative care team involves everyone from his school nurse to his allergist. The school is aware of Nate’s asthma and understand what will cause him to have an exacerbation.”

The Anderson Story

“Asthma has been a part of my entire life… I had it as a child…. I lived in a household where my mother smoked indoors. I would constantly complain about not being able to breathe well… in my middle school years, she went cold turkey both to help me breath better and for her own health… Growing up, time to time I missed school, due to my asthma… Now that I have children of my own, I do my best to make sure they do not have the same challenges I did when I was growing up with the disease.”

The Bailey Story

“Two weeks after burying her…. the Coroner called me to tell me she died from asthma I asked him how was that possible when she was never diagnosed?”