Patient Provider Collaboration is Key

The key to a better treatment plan is the collaboration between the patient and their health-care provider. Managing and monitoring your asthma symptoms will arm you with the knowledge you need to talk effectively to your doctor. Only you can provide the information about your symptoms that will help your doctor assess the severity of your asthma. Your doctor can help provide better care by properly teaching you how to utilize your asthma medicine and creating a personalized asthma action plan.

Asthma Action Plan

The goal of any Asthma Action Plan is to achieve better asthma control by preventing and minimizing asthma symptoms, with no limitation of daily activity while using the least amount of medication possible. It is important to take your medicines as prescribed every day even if you don’t experience any symptoms. This will help to manage and keep control of your asthma.

Keeping track of the following tools and daily functions can help you and your health-care provider assess severity:

  • Number and frequency of symptoms experienced

  •  How much symptoms interfere with your breathing and daily activities

  •  Results of diagnostic testing

  • Hospitalizations or emergency visits, missed school or work days, and sleepless nights

  • Types of medications and frequencies of use needed to maintain control over symptoms

In severe asthma, it is important to enter into a shared decision making process with your provider to determine which targeted treatment is best for you.

Click here to download an asthma action plan diary.